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p8x partner

p8x partner

P8x coin is a CryptoCurrency Model.

Derived from the Chinese word “Fanrong 8 Bei” – Prosperity 8 Times

P8x START UP Opportunity

  • PHASE 1 will Release 12M coins based on 1:3 Ratio of P8x coins.
  • PHASE 2 will Release 30M coins based on 1:2 Ratio of P8x coins.
  • The Current Value is 0.25 to 0.33 usd per coin.


  • Be the First 1% of the Population to capitalize on the P8x Opportunity.
  • Create Legacy as a Founding Member or Team Member or Mgmt Team or Tech Team. Founding Member identity is Confidential and Private.
  • Opportunity for Marketing / Promotion Teams /Clubs
  • Earn 10% – 20% commission
  • Loyalty program
  • Fast Withdrawals

CLICK HERE to JOIN – Get Started with P8x Coins

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